7-Eleven Inc. is introducing its first fresh donut topped with chocolate bar pieces, and the world’s largest convenience retailer selected one of America’s top 10-selling chocolate candies for the honor – TWIX Caramel Cookie Bars. (PRNewsfoto/7-Eleven, Inc.)

Have you ever eaten a glazed donut and thought to yourself it would be much more enjoyable if it just had a Twix bar on top? If you just said “yes” to that, then 7-Eleven is here to answer your prayers.

7-Eleven is rolling out the ultimate donut combination, dubbed the Caramel Bar Made with Twix Donut — we’ll just call it the Twix Donut to keep it simple). It features a rectangular donut topped with caramel icing and drizzled with chocolate and chopped pieces of Twix. So it’s a bit more elaborate than simply slapping a Twix bar on top of a donut. It’s always about the craftsmanship.

“People want to have fun with their food, especially treats,” said Terrell Smith, 7-Eleven fresh bakery category manager, in a released statement. “Premium and specialty donuts are becoming an all-day impulse item that our customers are purchasing when they crave something sweet. With our Caramel Bar Made with Twix donuts, they get two treats in one, a delicious donut topped with one of our best-selling candy bars.”

This feels like a dream come true for donut aficionado Homer Simpson, but we all know Bart Simpson would be more inclined to go with a Butterfinger Donut. Come to think of it, that sounds like an excellent idea as well.

What other candy bars should be placed on top of donuts? The obvious answer may be “None, candy bars don’t belong on donuts,” but we live in an experimental junk food age where we see Oreos rolling out various flavor combinations by the season and the boundaries between foods become blurred more and more. So excuse me while I head to my local 7-Eleven and pick up a chocolate-glazed donut and a Milky Way. I’ll let you know how it plays out.


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