Arby’s claim they “have the meats” and it seems like they are adding a couple meats that not too many other fast food restaurants have. After having this item in a limited release, Arby’s has decided to launch a venison (deer) sandwich nationwide in all their restaurants on October 21 while supplies last.

In addition, Arby’s is going to have an elk sandwich in a limited release.

Last year, Arby’s had launched the venison sandwich in five states where deer hunting is popular. And in those states, it caused a rapid demand that resulted in restaurants selling out within hours. Arby’s is trying the same with their elk sandwich, putting it in Colorado, Wyoming and Montana, where elk hunting is popular.

While some areas would have people revolting at the idea of eating Bambi, I have to say that deer tastes pretty good. I live in an area where deer hunting is huge due to overpopulation and you can take your deer to a butcher shop to package into meat for human consumption.

Elk hunting is also popular in the West because of similar overpopulation issues. Especially during the winter, it can be really bad with deer crossing roads and a risk of hitting a deer with your car on some rural road. Or worse, you could hit a deer while on the interstate and going that fast could not only mess up your car but yourself too. So hunting keeps population levels somewhat manageable.

[Uproxx/Photo: Arby’s]


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