Ben & Jerry’s is a progressive company in so many ways. This was proven true again recently with its announcement of some new breakfast-themed ice cream flavors.

In an attempt to get the people that want breakfast-flavored items all the time (what a bunch of weirdos), the company has launched three new flavors that contain a swirl of cereal in them. These are designed to get folks who are craving that late-night bowl of cereal and bowl of ice cream.

There’s the Fruit Loot (a nice take on Fruit Loops), Frozen Flakes (an ode to the grrrrrrreat Frosted Flakes), and the Cocoa Loco flavor (a tribute to Cocoa Puffs).

For someone who’s not cuckoo for breakfast-related items all day, I’m not really into this. Give me all of their other great flavors (Cookie Dough, Half-baked, anything cake-related and almost any of the other original flavors).

This appears to be another move to draw a wider audience to its products. We’ve seen the company do booze-flavored ice cream (as well as have a partnership with New Belgium for cookie dough-flavored beer), dairy-free ice cream, and many other ways to draw more people to their side of the freezer. With the company constantly expanding its offerings, it appears this strategy is working.

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