There are few more lovable comedians and actors since the 1980’s than one Bill Murray. From Caddyshack to Stripes and Ghostbusters to plenty of comedic and dramatic roles over the last twenty years, his acting career has been iconic.

So too has been his love-affair with a good time and his Chicago Cubs as well. That good time-having version of Murray will be taken to a whole new level this weekend as he pitches in to sling drinks at the opening of 21 Greenpoint — his son Homer’s restaurant.

Well, to be fair it really isn’t a new spot…just a complete re-design of Homer’s former place River Styx in Brooklyn. Why the re-design? It appears Homer and his business partner wanted to update the space and change up the menu too.

“We wanted to change it up. We made it prettier, renovated the dining room, added a new bar, and updated the kitchen.” The food, he says, will be seasonal and exclusively from local farms. “We try to use seconds like tomatoes or carrots that farmers can’t sell because they don’t look as good but they still taste great and are high quality. Then we make them look pretty.”

There won’t be any nachos or burgers, but apparently one can expect the wonderful steak tartare on roasted bone marrow or sample something called “ugly vegetable salad,” according to Eater.

As for getting in the door to see the elder Murray pouring suds and manhattan’s? Good luck. There will be a guest list thanks to Murray’s presence being leaked. But, fans will not be turned away according to a report in the New York Daily News.

“Fans are calling from five hours away saying they want to see him,” the manager said adding that the phone has been ringing off the hook with guests trying to make reservations.

“We’re not turning people away. People who have been invited are definitely getting in, and then we’ll do our best to accommodate any fans.”

So, we’re guessing it will be crazy to try and get in, but more power to you if you do because Bill Murray behind any bar should be worth the wait or price of admission.

[Eater/Photo: WENN]

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