When it comes to finding ways to avoid paying exorbitant stadium and sporting event prices for booze, fans can get pretty creative. Of course, that creativity doesn’t always pay off.

Recently at Southwell Racecourse, a horse track Nottinghamshire, England, one plucky racegoer decided to work some trickery with a bottle of vodka tucked inside what looked like an otherwise ordinary sandwich. It did not, unfortunately, fool the security team.

Apparently, the stewards at the security gate were suspicious about the sandwich’s weight and asked the woman entering with it to open up the bread. Inside was not, in fact, various meats and cheeses, but rather a 350ml bottle of vodka. Not only does that sound like an unappetizing (and dangerous) sandwich to bite into, it’s also illegal to bring booze into the track.

The bottle was confiscated, but no word on whether or not she was allowed to keep the sandwich, or mostly-sandwich, as it were.


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