It’s 1:23 am and you’re starving after a late night out. You order a pizza and it comes and you can smell it even while it sits in the box. You open the box up and you think you’ve gone to heaven. Inside is this gorgeous collection of wheat, oil, garlic, cheese, tomato sauce and whatever else is on the pie waiting to be eaten. You call your friends over from the other room and you eat the pizza within minutes and you’re left with an empty cardboard box wanting more.

But what if once you finished the pizza and you’re still hungry for more, you could eat the box the pizza came in?

Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn has two locations in Williamsburg and Greenpoint. As of now, those are the only two places that you can order a pizza from and the pizza will come in a box made out of more pizza. It’s safe to say Vinnie’s will see an increase in 1:23 am sales.

The edible pizza box is a new movement that we haven’t really seen before. So here are some ideas for other innovative edible food containers that correspond with the food inside…

The Deliverable Soup Bowl: Many restaurants already have edible bread bowls. Now it’s just time for a restaurant to come up with a way for you to bring that bread bowl home without violating any health and safety laws.

Edible Burrito Wrap: Whenever you order a burrito to go, it’s highly likely the burrito will be wrapped up in foil to preserve the heat and its flavor while also protecting it from harm. But what if you didn’t need to worry about taking off the foil and could just eat the burrito right out of the bag.

Sandwich Bag: Jimmy John’s, Subway, Quiznos, and other sub resturants are popular late night destinations to satisfy late night hunger cravings. But instead of placing the freshly made sandwiches in wax paper and then again in a paper bag, what if there was a wrapping that was edible? It’s not possible to just place the sandwich in the bag because that will violate health and safety codes, so what if there was a protection layer that was edible that sandwiches could be wrapped and placed in? That would save a lot of trees.

All of this would be possibly if health and safety codes didn’t require soup bowls, burritos, and sandwiches to be wrapped up 10 times before being places in a delivery container. That’s why it’s important to find a way to skip those 10 steps and make it easier for the customer to enjoy their food without dealing with 10 wrappers before their first bite.

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David is a writer for The Comeback. He enjoyed two Men's Basketball Final Four trips for Syracuse before graduating in 2016. If The Office or Game of Thrones is on TV, David will be watching.