Source: Burger King/The Street

Sometimes, you don’t have to ruin a good thing. Burger King didn’t get that message.

As it stands, Burger King sells vanilla and chocolate shakes that also come with Oreos. They’re some of the few edible things at Burger King, because ice cream is always good.

But now, according to TheStreet, Burger King is mixing up its shakes by adding Fruit Loops as an option.

The company confirmed to TheStreet the shake will be available for a limited time only at participating restaurants nationwide starting April 17 for a recommended price of $2.99. It’s made from vanilla-flavored soft serve ice cream, Fruit Loops cereal pieces … and sweet sauce.

Ice cream is good. Froot Loops are fine. But that doesn’t mean they should go together. As Parks and Rec’s Andy Dwyer would say, “It’s like if you can have an Xbox pancake.” Both are great. Maybe don’t put them together.

Whoever the brave soul is that tries this new shake, please let me know how it tastes and how much you regret your decision. I’m at @k_trahan on Twitter.


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