If you have ever been conflicted on whether to have a bowl of Lucky Charms or a milkshake, then Burger King has the ultimate compromise for you. Behold, the Lucky Charms Shake!

The premise to this summertime treat is simple enough. Take some vanilla milkshake and sprinkle it with some marshmallow Lucky Charms and voila!

We are now noticing quite the trend from Burger King’s food wizards. It seems they love some children’s cereals mixed with Burger King milkshakes. Remember the Fruit Loops milkshake? Some of us were not too thrilled with the concept, but you can only imagine where Burger King is heading next with its breakfast cereal milkshake combinations.

I have a few recommendations for future cereal combinations if Burger King is taking suggestions.

For Halloween, the options of Count Chocula and Franken Berry Shakes (and Boo Berry if you are feeling up to it). Or you could just roll with Cocoa Puffs Shakes any other time for a chocolate combination.

Will you be seeking out a Lucky Charms Shake from your nearest Burger King?

[UPROXX/Photo: Burger King]

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