Burger King

Is losing your job too grim of a subject to exploit for marketing purposes? Not for Burger King.

Burger King unveiled its new “Whopper Severance” deal on Tuesday. To get a free Whopper, all you have to do is publicly post on LinkedIn that you were fired using #whopperseverance. All of this is to promote that Burger King uses fire to flame-grill its burgers.

Is a bit of public shame worth a free burger that already tastes worse than most others on the fast-food market and costs only four dollars to begin with? Apparently so, as there are already a bunch of people using the hashtag on LinkedIn. I guess a free Whopper isn’t such a bad silver lining.

The campaign is light-hearted, and there’s no way Burger King is actually vetting everyone’s firing story. So if you haven’t gotten fired but still want a free burger and don’t mind confusing your boss, go ahead and share a story anyway at whopperseverance.com.

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