Not content to competing for bragging rights in the fast food burger world, Burger King could be taking a giant step toward getting a slice of the action in the fast-food chicken market with the acquisition of Popeyes.

To be more accurate, the company that owns Burger King, Restaurant Brands International, is reportedly interested in purchasing restaurant chain Popeyes, which would add nearly 3,000 locations to its fast food map and offer a menu variety not currently covered with Burger King. Restaurant Brands International also owns Tim Horton’s, the Canadian coffee and donut staple.

At this time, the negotiations are still in the early stages and there is no indication the purchase or acquisition is close to happening just yet. But the possibilities are hard to ignore. It is likely the existing Popeyes locations would still stand where currently located, but the possibility of having a one-stop shop for your favorite menu items from Burger King and Popeyes under one roof are enticing, similar to locations that serve both Taco Bell and KFC or Long John Silvers, for example.

Popeyes chicken and Burger King fries? That’s not a bad option. One suggestion served up from Eater was burgers on a biscuit, and I have to admit that has my interest as well. The possibilities really are plentiful, and variety can be the key to a cajun spiced, flame-broiled life.


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