Could a Burger King and Popeyes mashup fast food restaurant be coming in the near future? Well, after rumors circulated for weeks, the news became official: the company that owns both Tim Hortons and Burger King will be buying Popeyes.

The deal is reportedly worth an incredible $1.8 billion according to CBC News. Restaurant Brands International, the company that owns BK and Tim Horton’s, is buying Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc, which is based in Atlanta and has around 2,600 restaurants around the world.

With the addition of the 2,600ish Popeyes restaurants, Restaurant Brands International adds onto its already daunting total of 20,000 locations worldwide.

“As Popeyes becomes part of the RBI family, we believe we can deliver growth and opportunities for all of our stakeholders including our valued employees and franchisees,” CEO Daniel Schwartz said.

“We look forward to taking an already very strong brand, and accelerating its pace of growth and opening new restaurants in the U.S. and around the world.”

As we said earlier, this deal has been rumored for weeks now, and since it’s now official, we can start dreaming up combos we’d love to see. Here are five Burger King and Popeyes combos we’d want at a new joint restaurant:

  1. Whopper/Double Whopper/Triple Whopper with fried chicken instead of meat – This one is easy. You take the signature dish from both restaurants and throw them together.
  2. Bacon and Cheddar Burger with fried chicken instead of meat – The Bacon and Cheddar Burger is another BK staple, so lets swap in chicken to make it interesting.
  3. Replace all the chicken in BK’s chicken sandwiches with Popeyes’ chicken – This is self explanatory.
  4. Chicken fries, but with Popeyes’ chicken – It still confuses me why BK canceled the chicken fries. They’d be amazing with Popeyes’ chicken.
  5. Popeyes sweet tea in every BK – Just replace any tea a BK serves with the sweet tea served at Popeyes.


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