In 2016, there are a number of ways you can complain about the quality of food you receive. There’s social media, Yelp! and the strategy of going straight to the restaurant.

But one Canadian woman took an untraditional route to complain about her food. She decided to call 911 to complain about the lack of cheese on her pizza. The call left the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary baffled.

“The individual had an issue with the company she bought the pizza from, and there wasn’t enough cheese, and had approached the company and didn’t like whatever response they had given,” Higdon said Monday.

“I’m not sure if by calling us they assumed there was some sort of action we could take, or what the situation was, but of course we advised the individual they just needed to speak with the manager of the company and not the police.”

Thankfully for this woman, this force doesn’t take this misuse of 911 as seriously as police in the U.S. does. A woman in North Carolina was arrested in 2014 after calling 911 to complain about her Subway Flatizza. She was released on $2,000 bond.

These sort of instances are nothing new to police, and sometimes officers do have fun with the odd calls. An officer in Gainesville, Florida threw down some dunks after receiving a call about kids playing basketball in the street.

The moral of the story here: Don’t call 911 for the wrong reasons, or you will end up being made fun of by your friends and news sites everywhere as well as possibly deny services to those who may actually need them.


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