A little over a year ago, our Matt Yoder wrote an article titled “Sooner or later every fast food item will be covered in Cheetos.” Turns out, Matt was more right than he could even know.

In a world that already includes Cheetos Chicken Fries and Cheetos Macaroni and Cheese Bites at Burger King, Cheetos Quesadillas at Taco Bell, Flamin’ Hot Cheeto bagels, and even a restaurant dedicated to serving nothing but food dusted and topped with Cheetos, Chuck E. Cheese is throwing it’s hat in the ring with the Cheetos Mac-Cheesy pizza.

As of November, Chuck E. Cheese’s restaurants have taken their Mac-Cheesy Pizza, which includes cheese sauce mixed with elbow macaroni, melted Colby and whole milk mozzarella, and have now topped with crunchy Cheetos for that extra…something. You can order the pizza with a thin, regular, or stuffed crust, just in case you’ve looked at this thing and decided what it needs is more cheese.

The pizza will be available until the end of 2017 so don’t wait too long (or do wait too long, whatever feels right to you).

Chuck E. Cheese recently retired their animatronic Munch’s Make Believe Band, an iconic staple of the kid’s arcade/pizza place. If this is the kind of stuff they’re going to replace that experience with, well, we hope they know what they’re doing. Let’s hope they at least dole out plenty of wet napkins with this thing. That’s a lot of Cheetos-dusted hands coming home from Chuck E. Cheese.

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