Chipotle burrito

A 19-year-old is suing Chipotle after being hospitalized for E. Coli after eating at the Burrito fast chain. The one request in her lawsuit? Free Chipotle.

According to Business Insider, Chipotle has accommodated the woman’s request for free Chipotle, settling the case with her for an undisclosed amount of money, while sending her three dozen coupons for free burritos. The woman’s lawyer, Bill Marler, said the case was the first time he’s seen someone want to go back to the restaurant chain being sued.

“I have being doing these kinds of cases for 20 years and sued every restaurant chain you can imagine and I have never seen people willing to go back to a restaurant under those circumstances,” Marler told Business Insider.

Marler represented multiple clients out of the 96 people who settled against Chipotle after getting food contamination from eating their products. He said more than one client said they’d return to Chipotle, despite catching different forms of diseases from the food.

“More than just a few of them were pretty big fans of Chipotle,” Marler said. “In fact a couple of them, during their case, told me they had gone back to Chipotle — which I though was a little strange.”

Strange is correct. You’d think ingesting contaminated food and catching E. Coli because of it would prevent people from returning. Chipotle is one of the most overrated fast food joints out there, yet its diehard customers don’t care about the potential health risks – even the ones hospitalized after eating there.

Free food is free food, but at what cost? Your health, apparently.

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