The Deion Sanders Hot Dog Express. The Deion Sanders Hot Dog Express. (YouDewd on YouTube.)

There have been many pieces written on what Deion Sanders’ move from Jackson State to Colorado means for the Tigers, the Buffaloes, and more. But only a few have gone into what this means for his particular branded hot dog grill. Following an initial Sickos Committee tweet, though, James Dator of SB Nation took this on in style:

Dator’s piece also includes a discussion of the many insane reviews of this product. It was launched in 2005, which was Sanders‘ last NFL season (with the Baltimore Ravens). Here are more highlights from Dator on how this came about:

Since seeing the informercial I have invested a staggering amount of time into learning everything I can about ‘The Deion Sanders Hot Dog Express.’ Launching in 2004, the original Hot Dog Express didn’t carry any of the Sanders branding on it. That didn’t happen until 2005, when it was altered to carry Prime’s name. The product is totally unchanged though, and up until recently you could still buy it on Amazon.

There’s no wizardry behind the heated roller hot dog cooking method. Gas stations have been using it for decades, and I have a lot of personal experience of using one from my movie theater days. However, the Hot Dog Express took the convenience and brought it home, and for the most part people loved it. 55 percent of buyers gave it five stars, and reviewer “Burly Nerd” made it a staple of his summer in 2005.

…I really wanted to buy The Deion Sanders Hot Dog Express, an actual branded one with Prime on the box — but eBay didn’t have anything. I’m unable to find one with the Sanders branding on it at all. Still, I get the general gist. This made-for-TV hot dog roller has a whole subculture of its own, from humble folks looking to brighten their days with processed meat magic, to Sue, reading Jack Reacher, who never disappoints, to ohara, sweet, pure ohara, who is worried that seeing a hot dog will cut his penis off.

That latter one probably deserves the accompanying screenshot Dator included:

A 2005 Apple message board comment on the Deion Sanders Hot Dog Express. (Via James Dator at SB Nation.)

Okay then! Well, the “fear of castration” here didn’t necessarily get all that many people to buy the Deion Sanders Hot Dog Express. But it is interesting to see the discussion return. And maybe one day this will be more widely available, for all the many, many people who want a Sanders-branded hot dog grill.

[SB Nation/image from YouDewd on YouTube]

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