If you’re expecting a baby and don’t want (or need, in case you have everything you need already) any diapers, clothes, or other baby-related gear, good news! Domino’s (yes, that’s Domino’s, the pizza chain) has launched a baby registry in order to allow expectant parents to receive a gluttonous amounts of greasy food from their friends and family.

The registry has a whole bunch of themed giftcards available, like the “Hormonal and Hangry” package, which is $20, or the $50 “Gender Reveal” giftcard.

A statement from Domino’s mainly talks about the convenience of being able to let people enjoy their food during a stressful time.

“There’s nothing more exciting – and exhausting – than welcoming a new member to the family,” Domino’s director of digital marketing, Meenakshi Nagarajan, said in a statement. “From baby showers to the big delivery, our baby registry makes it easy to enjoy pizza during the exciting events leading up to the baby’s arrival and thereafter.”

The registry is also selling some Domino’s related merch, like coffee mugs, tumblers, books and clothing with pizza on it.

We probably should have seen a baby registry coming. Back in February, Domino’s launched a wedding registry for those that just wanted to get married and celebrate with a whole lot of pizza.


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