There are many, many, many things wrong with the world. Normally pizza isn’t one of them, but this is unfortunately a different story.

I submit to you this video, which I believe does a fantastic job representing those problems. It comes to us via Insider, which is apparently some kind of place that traffics in mindless videos like this it calls journalism. It features a gold-leaf/gold-flake pizza, and it somehow gets worse from there:

So, I could go on, and on, and on, talking about why this specific pizza is such a ridiculous joke. But why should I do that when we have the magic of Facebook commenters losing their minds? Let’s take a look (names blacked out thanks to my high-quality photo editing abilities):



Aren’t we all? Here are a few more very reasonable questions/perspectives:


That last one deserves more likes than it has. As you might have guessed, the President Elect was drawn into the discussion:


And this woman was more upset about another portion of the video, which is certainly fair game as well:


If you’re thinking “Wow, this all sounds pretty reasonable for a Facebook comments section!” then you’re not alone:


Unfortunately, Facebook comments are never utopian. Here are a few people who seem to be focusing on the wrong things:


The child mining alone wasn’t enough to bring you down? (Kudos to watching the documentary, though.) And though the second guy does bring up some important points about pizza valuation, this is probably not the right venue for it.


Yeah, okay. Anyway. Let’s close with, perhaps, the most profound and important question that could be asked upon viewing this video:


Where is pineapple, indeed?

[Insider’s Facebook, if you want to read more comments, and there are plenty]

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