Go Red Sox cake

Every year during the Super Bowl, Americans all over the country decide to throw parties for the big game. Most of those Americans, know who is playing in the game or what is/isn’t appropriate to serve. Some, however, have no clue, and they make mistakes that go viral, such a cake focused on a team that plays a different sport.

The New England Patriots are a football team. The Boston Red Sox are a baseball team.

My buddy’s wife was in charge of Super Bowl dessert. She’s not a sports fan. from sports

Forget alternative facts, it’s all about alternative cakes.

There were probably a lot of cakes like this around the world. You’d be surprised how often people confuse teams that are in the Super Bowl with teams in other sports.

Sometimes it’s not the food or mixing up teams that makes people uncomfortable. Sometimes it’s just the table you’re at and the people you’re with.

But let’s get back to the food portion of the parties. PETA really wanted people to be vegetarians at their Super Bowl parties.

Naturally people weren’t happy about this.

And sometimes, it’s your roommate that screws everything up.

At the end of the day, if you were at a party that didn’t make any big mistakes like this, be happy! You’re not going viral for a bad reason.

Still, while the Red Sox may not have won anything Sunday, the Patriots did. They pulled off the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history to beat the Falcons 34-28. That undoubtedly made their fans happy, even those who had to celebrate with a “Go Red Sox” cake.


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