The Erie SeaWolves, the AA affiliate of the Detroit Tigers that brought you the cotton candy/Nerds hot dog last month, are at it again.

As part of a Christmas in July promotion taking place this Friday, the SeaWolves are rolling out a cotton candy cane hot dog. It appears to be a hot dog (but I really can’t tell if there’s any encased meat-like product buried in there), in a cotton candy “bun”, topped with crunched candy cane pieces.

They’re also selling spaghetti topped with candy, which personally offends me.

But back to the main subject of this post – the cotton candy cane hot dog.

Is it a sandwich?

There’s something that (theoretically) serves as bread, a meat (ish) product as the filling, and an item that could conceivably be a condiment/topping type item. It seems to fit the bill, so…is it a sandwich?

Actually, maybe a better question is “is this damn thing even edible?”

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1 thought on “Is this cotton candy cane hot dog a sandwich?

  1. that looked so gross. I have to say NOT a sandwich as well and the candy pasta thing was really a hot mess. I guess if you put two things kids like together it may sell but it looked gross

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