If you’ve ever wondered how you could possibly eat that bucket of chicken while also charging your phone, KFC has your answer.

The fried chicken fast-food chain has introduced a product promotion it’s calling the “Watt A Box,” which is a 5-in-1 meal box designed for those in need of a food and phone recharge. Nope, really. Here’s video showing how it works:

It’s actually a good idea, as we all know that person who stalks down the one booth in the local fast-food joint that has an outlet and immediately plugs in the phone or other device while eating.

With the “Watt A Box”, that is no longer a problem. Instead, some of the testers have complained the charge only gives about 17 percent over a 30-minute period.

Hey man, those with low batteries would be happy to have 17 percent life back in the phone while eating their fried goodness, no?  I mean, we aren’t talking about high-end power stations here; we’re talking about a fried chicken holder with a first-of-its-kind power station too.

Let’s wait until version 2.0 comes out, shall we?

However, those in the United States are going to be disappointed, as the boxes are only available at select locations in India at this time.

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