KFC’s spicy chicken sandwich, The Zinger, has been a mainstay in their restaurants since 1984. The popular sandwich has been enjoyed in over 100 countries around the world. And after 33 years, The Zinger is finally coming to the United States.

In case you haven’t been to a KFC in another country, the sandwich itself is made from a spicy chicken breast that’s 100% chicken. It also comes with standard fixings like lettuce, tomato and mayo on a sesame seed bun. It sounds good but it also sounds like every other spicy chicken sandwich every other fast food place has.

So while KFC has finally brought this sandwich to the States, is it too little too late? Will The Zinger fail to impact a marketplace that has many spicy chicken sandwiches? They apparently have some fans, who are already stoked at the news.

It’s not exactly known why KFC has waited this long to bring in a popular sandwich to one of their largest markets but I guess there’s no time like the present. Now to figure out who they will get to play Colonel Sanders for their ads. I suggest Jason Alexander solely for his “jerk store” zinger.

Given what KFC tweeted about their new astronaut themed ad campaign, the general consensus in the replies seem to be that it’s Rob Lowe. The Zinger will be available in U.S. KFC’s April 24. I love spicy food so you bet I’ll be trying this.

[Uproxx/Photo: KFC Australia]

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