Millennials. They’ve killed so many things. However, there is one thing we know for sure that they love and cherish above everything else: Avocados.

They eat so much avocado toast that they can’t afford to buy homes. Their love for the large tree fruit helped drive up the cost last year and stoked fears of a shortage, which means millennials almost killed the thing they love most dear (or so we’re told).

But not to fret. The avocado price surge is officially over and that’s great news not just for millennials but also for the newest food business niche to take off in America: all-avocado restaurants.

According to Food & Wine, Manhattan has become the home of a brewing battle in the all-avocado restaurant wars that are just beginning. Avocaderia, an avocado-centric carryout restaurant, opened its doors in Brooklyn last year. Thanks to an influx of cash from Shark Tank investors Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran and a boffo opening (lines around the corner), the restaurant’s owners started scouting spots in Manhattan for their first big expansion. However, it turns out that they got beaten to the punch.

Per Eater NYAvocado Appetit recently opened in Chinatown, making it Manhattan’s first all-avocado restaurant.

So what does one get at an all-avocado restaurant? There are avocado sandwiches, avocado salads, avocado fries, and, of course, avocado toast (four kinds!). There are also specialty items such as coffee avocado smoothies, which combine espresso, avocado, condensed milk, and chocolate syrup, and is probably much tastier than you think.

That’s not all. According to Munchies, Amsterdam’s The Avocado Show restaurant is planning expansion into various markets around the world, including NYC. That concept is backed by Shawn Harris, who gave $5.8 million to the company. Harris has been described as “the Bill Gates of avocados,” which sounds like a big deal.

Don’t cry for Avocaderia. They’re decided to dream bigger and apparently have their sights set on opening locations in Los Angeles, Miami, and San Diego.

Will the all-avocado restaurant business model be sustainable? That perhaps depends on the breadth of menu items (even though all items include avocado, that isn’t always the focus) as well as the continued interest in the fruit. As millennials get older, will they finally put their avocado toast obsessions behind them in the name of home ownership? Or will they finally figure out that you can make a pretty solid avocado toast at home and save the $9 it’ll cost you at the local cafe? Who knows, but clearly the spotlight is still on the avocado right now.

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