Lucky Charms marshmallows

Are you someone who loves picking out the marshmallows from a box of Lucky Charms? Do you wish you could buy a box of Lucky Charms that was ONLY the marshmallows? If so, today is your lucky day! Well, kind of.

There is a big catch to this. Not anyone who wants a marshmallow only box of Lucky Charms can get one. Instead, only around 10,000 people can.

General Mills is the company that makes Lucky Charms and they have announced they will be giving away 10,000 boxes full of only Lucky Charms marshmallows. Starting this month, contestants in the sweepstakes need to buy specially-marked boxes of Lucky Charms that have a code inside to allow them to compete, according to USA Today.

From there, contestants enter the 14-digit code inside the back panel of the Lucky Charms box on to find out if they win.

Back in 2015, General Mills gave away 10,000 boxes of marshmallow-only Lucky Charms after a popular social media contest awarded only 10 to lucky winners.

“Fans of Lucky Charms are obsessed with our marshmallows,” Priscilla Zee, senior marketing manager, said in a statement. “We were overwhelmed with calls, e-mails, and tweets last year, asking for a box of our Lucky Charms marshmallows. So this year we wanted to give them even more opportunities to win.”

The specially-marked boxes of Lucky Charms will be on stores in the United States soon and the sweepstakes will run through December 2017.

“Our marshmallows are one of kind,” Priscilla says. “Fans know each shape by name and many have a favorite charm.”

Naturally, people went crazy when they heard about the contest.

The official Lucky Charms Twitter account also released a pretty cool GIF explaining how the process works.

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