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Who said eating at McDonald’s was low class? Continuing its effort to brand itself as a more high-class eating option for those on the go, McDonald’s is now testing out croissants and chocolatines for those looking to add a touch of French pastry delight to their burgers, fries, and Shamrock Shakes.

McDonald’s went the extra mile with this new effort by hiring French designer Patrick Norguet to lead the effort. These won’t be available just anywhere, however. Instead, you will have to seek out the one location that was given a complete French makeover recently in New York. The location is the first McCafe location, the next stage in the restaurant chain’s efforts to compete more with the likes of Starbucks and Panera Bread by branching out from the signature stops marked by the golden arches, burgers and fires.

According to the New York Daily News, this is a major step up from the traditional McDonald’s experience, and if successful may catch on with additional locations throughout the United States.

“It’s very sleek and chill. It doesn’t feel like a McDonald’s at all,” one patron, who tried the blueberry muffin topper, noted Thursday adding: “It tasted more Pillsbury than Jacques Torres, but it was good!”

Well, we shouldn’t have expected this to taste like something direct from France, right?

You can still get the standard Quarter Pounder or Big Mac, but those craving a little something more will have the option of getting their fix with the McCafe “Siganture Crafted” section on the menu with customizable burgers and chicken sandwiches.

Is this the wave of the future for McDonald’s, or will the demand for such options fail to reach expectations and leave the chain sticking to what they’ve done for decades instead?

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