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McDonald’s restaurants in other parts of the world have different menu items than what we have here in the United States. And McDonald’s does that for a variety of reasons.

One such menu item that is available in Europe that isn’t available here is McDonald’s “McVegan” burger. The soy based burger was tested in Finland and Sweden a few months ago and people loved it. So sensing a good thing when they see it, McDonald’s is going to make it a permanent menu item in those countries starting December 28.

As far as whether or not this burger makes an appearance in the United States, there has been no official word. I’m not vegan but I wouldn’t mind seeing a vegan option at McDonald’s. It doesn’t really affect me if I go and see a vegan option, I can still order a Big Mac if I desire.

The big question will be how the McVegan would be treated in the United States. Nothing against the burger itself but I can’t see it having as much success as it does in Finland and Sweden. Most people are going to be eating the McVegan due to health and/or animal rights reasons. Some vegans may not go to McDonald’s, even with a vegan option, since all their other meat options come from animals. And if people are vegan due to eating healthy, I have to imagine they wouldn’t go to McDonald’s anyway so this probably wouldn’t entice them.

At the very least it’s worth a shot to test the McVegan in the United States. It may not be as popular in the United States as in Scandinavia but it would probably be a great addition to the menu and may become a hit as well as a trendsetter for other fast food places to have vegan options of their own.

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