These are boom times for those who love the taste of Girl Scout Cookies but don’t want to have to horde stacks of boxes for those colder months when it’s impossible to find a small child selling Thin Mints in front of a store stocked with every other kind of cookie.

Last year, General Mills launched Thin Mints and Caramel Crunch, two kinds of cereal with flavors that lined up with the infamous cookies (Thin Mints and Samoas/Caramel deLites). You can also get Girl Scout Cookie-flavored baking mixes for when you want to approximate the experience but with a different form of pastry. There are even Girl Scout Cookie-flavored teas for, uh, when you want Girl Scout Cookie-flavored tea for some reason, and Girl Scout Cookie flavored coffee creamer.

That still leaves plenty of foodstuffs to mine for Girl Scout Cookie flavor, however, and you can officially cross yogurt off that list. Per Delish, Yoplait is releasing a trio of new flavors inspired by the iconic cookies. Fans of Thin Mints and Tagalongs will be able to get Whips!-style yogurts that feature those flavors, while The Caramel Coconut flavor that mimics Samoas will be in the style of Yoplait Original. The former is more of a mousse-like yogurt while the latter is smoother and creamier.

Not only will all three new yogurts be available at retailers nationwide as of December, but the line is a permanent, year-round addition. No seasonal stock-ups needed.

It’s yet another win for fans of the traditional cookies but we have to pour out a little yogurt for fans of Trefoils and Do-si-dos, who once again get shafted by the flavor choices. Your day will come, people who prefer the taste of plain shortbread to peanut butter and mint. Your day will come.


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