Neiman Marcus usually sells expensive coats, suits, handbags and the like for those of us who have just that little bit of extra disposable income to spend.

Now, just in time for the upcoming holiday season, they’re selling $66 collard greens (not a misprint), and to our astonishment, they’re already sold out!

If you’re not familiar, collard greens are usually a fairly inexpensive side dish or mixed in with meats and the like. A traditional meal involving collards would also include black-eyed peas or cornbread. So to charge $66 for them (plus $15 for shipping) is absolutely insanity no matter who was doing it, let alone the fact that they’re sold out already!

As per custom, the internet took this news in stride…

#GentrifiedGreens is one heckuva hashtag, let’s be honest. But, Neiman Marcus isn’t only selling collard greens in terms of food choices. If it suits your fancy, how about $80 baked beans? Sausage or vegetarian stuffing for $85? Or $92 for 72 hand-made tamales with your choice of flavors and meats?

I don’t know anymore, guys.


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