New totchos at the Vikings' stadium.

The NFL divisional playoffs are this weekend, and three of the four host stadiums have decided to offer a special food item; tater-tot “nachos,” or “totchos,” with regional toppings. On Friday, Phoenix ABC 15 journalist/food reporter extraordinaire Kari Van Horn tweeted photos and descriptions of the various offerings at the stadiums of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Philadelphia Eagles and Minnesota Vikings:

Here’s another look at the Vikings’ offering:

I can definitely say that I would eat all of these.

The order of preference here would be the Blitzburgh totchos (kielbasa and curds with totchos sound perfect, as does the sriracha sauce), the Bring It Home totchos (I’m liking the curds, beef and bacon, and I like cream sauces in general, but I’m curious how that’s going to work in this instance), and then the South Philly totchos (pork/provolone/spinach/hot peppers could be really good, or could be less than good; it’s certainly ambitious, though). But all of these seem like interesting options, and a way to provide a little home-team flair.

The one home team’s stadium that doesn’t appear to be offering special totchos this weekend is the New England Patriots’ Gillette Stadium, which is disappointing from a sense that we won’t get to see any attempt to work lobster into totchos.

While it’s fun to think that the Patriots’ lack of participation is some sort of shot at the NFL or maybe even ESPN, it’s probably because the other three stadiums have concessions operated by Aramark (allowing this sort of coordination), while the Patriots appear to run their concessions in-house. (In 2008, they were listed as one of only three NFL teams to do so.) But it’s enjoyable to build a mental image of some concession executive proposing a special menu item to Bill Belichick, only to be shot down with a “Do your job.”

[Kari Van Horn on Twitter]

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