Olive Garden first date

The bad news: our dating apps are spying on us. The good news: the results are pretty hilarious.

The dating app Clover analyzed data from 200,000 users to find out where its users were going for first dates.

You’ve got some expected spots at the top of the list – Starbucks is No. 1 and Chipotle is No. 2.

Further down, things get a little more odd. Olive Garden came in at No. 7 and is the No. 1 restaurant for people 35 years and older. Chili’s is 8th and Applebee’s is (unfathomably) 10th.



Going to BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse is definitely one way to let your date know what you’re looking for at the end of the night. Same with In-N-Out.

And even Five Guys, if that’s your thing.


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