Oreos are pretty solid as-is. Two chocolate wafers with a dollop of creme between them. It’s a dependable snack that makes for a nice post-lunch dessert or mid-day snack. For years, if you wanted to be adventurous, you could also opt for a Double Stuf Oreo if you needed some extra heft or some Golden Oreos if you weren’t in the mood for chocolate.

Those days are long gone, however. Today, we live in a world that demands options and it doesn’t care if those options make any logical sense. It’s a world where food products like Pringles feel the need to shock and awe us constantly with new concoctions that might sound interesting on a dare. And Oreo isn’t above the challenge.

Back in May, Nabisco introduced the world to Firework Oreos, which feature rainbow-colored specks in the frosting that mimic the reaction of Pop Rocks. Along with that announcement, they also asked customers to come up with the next wacky flavor profile, with the winner taking home a $500,000 prize and a whole bunch of free Oreos. At the time, The Comeback’s Kevin McGuire threw out some potential flavors, including Pineapple Oreo and Skittles Oreo. Turns out, he wasn’t that far off base.

The company unveiled Fruity Pebbles Oreos last week but it turns out that was merely the appetizer. Per Delish, after receiving “hundreds of thousands” of submissions to their contest, Oreo has narrowed their next set of flavors to three distinct, and curious, options: Cherry Cola, Piña Colada, and Kettle Corn.

The Piña Colada version features a pineapple-coconut creme filling (good call, Kevin!). The kettle corn’s icing includes puffed millet pieces that mimic the crunchy corn texture you might be thinking of. The Cherry Cola version includes a dual-layer, red-and-white creme filling that includes popping candy meant to mimic fizzy soda.

Oreo plans on releasing all three flavors in May 2018 and then asking customers to vote for their favorite. From there, the winning suggestion will get the big prize and what we assume will be way more Oreo cookies than one should consume in a lifetime.

Oreo also announced they’ll be re-releasing Chocolate Hazelnut Oreos, Marshmallow Peeps Oreos, and Firework Oreos next year, using the McRib strategy to their advantage. They also plan on introducing Hot and Spicy Cinnamon Oreos to the masses on January 1. We wish your taste buds well.


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