Over the years, Nabisco has had fun experimenting with their signature Oreo cookie. We have seen so many different variations and flavors of the Oreo cookie ranging from double-stuffed to peanut butter, cotton candy, chocolate chip cookie, pumpkin pie, Peeps, Cadbury Eggs, and so many more. There are no limits to what Oreo flavor will hit stores next, but one recent flavor was left to consumers to guess for a $50,000 prize.

The results are in after a couple of months on the market, and it is the flavor of a popular breakfast cereal so many of us probably grew up on (or perhaps still indulge in as a craving from time to time). The mystery flavor is… Fruity Pebbles.

No winner has officially been announced, although a number of people have been found to correctly guess the mystery flavor through scanning Twitter.

Then there is the Bingham family, who shares an inside look at their family life through an ongoing video blog on YouTube. In their video blog posted on October 18, the family took a taste-test and nailed the mystery flavor.

There may be someone out there who guessed the mystery flavor earlier, but we will have to wait to see who the official winner of the $50,000 prize is. Until then, we will be left to wonder what Oreo will come up with next. Sooner or later we may be entering that controversial territory of a pineapple pizza-flavored Oreo.

[Photo: Today]

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