Now that Valentine’s Day has passed, all eyes are setting on Easter with Easter candy hitting the shelves. It also means Nabisco is ready to roll out yet another limited edition flavor of their signature cookie, Oreo.

Well, get ready to combine the flavor of marshmallow Peeps and vanilla Oreo, because they are coming to a grocery store near you (if they have not already).

These limited edition Peeps Oreo have reportedly been sighted already online and are set to be available at Walmart next week (Feb. 22). The cookie will come in a vanilla flavor with a pink Peeps-flavored creme center. It may even turn your milk pink. Who knows? Personally, I’m more a fan of the yellow Peeps, but it looks this will only be available in pink.

Nabisco has done wonders marketing the Oreo product over the years, especially in more recent years with an active social media presence. the company has also found new ways to invigorate the Oreo consumer all year round with these special flavors available in various seasons. Heck, we even have Cadbury Oreo Eggs out there too!

And if you thought Oreo had jumped the shark with this idea, well, you’re right.

This all begs the question: What is the best limited edition Oreo out there at any point in the year? I’m still partial to the orange-cream-filled Oreo available in the fall for Halloween. Share your favorite limited edition Oreo in the comment section below.


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