Peppers spilt on an expressway in New York City.

The role of trucks in hauling food means we’ve often seen some truck mishaps spilling food over roadways, from chicken tenders to avocados to watermelons to assorted frozen meats. The latest on this front involves a truck in New York City that crashed Monday morning while hauling peppers. Here’s a video on that with aerial coverage from NBC New York:

And here’s more from UPI’s Ben Hooper:

An early morning crash on a New York City expressway caused traffic to be restricted to one lane because the roadway was covered in peppers.

Authorities said the tractor-trailer was traveling eastbound on the Brooklyn side of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway on Monday morning when it overturned, spilling a mass of peppers into the roadway at Exit 30 to Flushing Avenue.

As per Hooper, the expressway was limited to one lane while cleanup crews dealt with the “mass of peppers.” But no injuries were reported, so that’s good. Still, it’s not every day that there’s a massive amount of peppers covering a New York expressway.

[UPI; screengrab via NBC New York on YouTube]

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