Pizza Hut has been trying out a lot of different things in order to slow down the flow of pizza-loving customers away from them and towards Papa John’s and Domino’s. While they continue to tweak their pizza-specific offerings (beer-infused crust, anyone?), they’ve been looking to expand their non-pizza offerings as a way to stand out and win back market share.

For the most part, their expanded menu when it comes to salads and desserts hasn’t done too much to get people in their doors. So Pizza Hut seems to have decided that if they can’t get customers to come inside, they’re going to start offering new items that can be brought to them. While many Pizza Hut locations already have beer and wine licenses for in-restaurant purchases, the company has started testing out a beer and wine delivery pilot program in Phoenix, per The Takeout.

Specifically, if you want something refreshing and alcoholic to go with your stuffed crust pizza, you can throw a six-pack of Bud Light, Budweiser, Shock Top, or Four Peaks Kilt Lifter in the delivery order as well. A Pizza Hut spokesperson told The Takeout that this is part of a “quick expansion of beer and wine delivery” and will be introduced at more Pizza Hut locations in 2018.

What’s different about this pilot program compared to most other restaurant delivery these days is that Pizza Hut is keeping things in-house. Instead of using DoorDash, GrubHub, or an alcohol delivery company, your delivery person will be a Pizza Hut employee. That saves time since a delivery driver would otherwise have to acquire the food and booze separately. And no one wants to keep you waiting for that meat-lover’s pizza any longer than you have to.

Just don’t try to get away with ordering beer if you’re underage. Delivery drivers will require alcohol-purchasing customers to fill out a form and ask for their ID upon arrival. Sorry if you were hoping for a loophole here.

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