Pizza Hut Pie Tops

Have you ever wanted to order some tasty, delicious Pizza Hut pizza but felt to lazy to call them up on the phone, order it up online or even click on the app? Well, Pizza Hut has a solution with you: Pizza Hut “smart shoes”. I really wish I was making that up.

They’re called “pie tops”, which when you press a button on the tongue of the shoe, they’ll order a large pizza for you. Obviously, if you accidentally hit the button and you didn’t want the pizza that might get really annoying for your stomach and your wallet, so there’s a mobile app where you can set your order defaults and button push requirements just in case you accidentally hit that tongue more often than you’d like.

Thankfully for the world, you won’t be able to buy these yourself. However, there will be a “handful” of pairs released to the public at some point.

Both tongues will thank you if you don’t actually get these shoes, because Pizza Hut pizza more often than not tastes like feet, but in case this somehow got your physical tongue to salivate, here’s Grant Hill to tell you more about the world’s most useless shoes.


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