One of the strangest ongoing Internet memes has been the widespread debate over whether a hot dog is a sandwich. The crux of the argument seems to be whether having a piece of meat (or whatever a hot dog is) on a piece of bread makes the concoction a sandwich. According to a new poll, the general public doesn’t think so.

In data released by Public Policy Polling with over 1,083 register voters surveyed, over 60 percent of respondents do not consider a hot dog to be a sandwich, 29 percent of those polled consider it to be one, and 12 percent are not sure.

hot dog

Looking into the data further, it appears it doesn’t matter what political side surveyors lean on, they agree across the board a hot dog isn’t a sandwich – with independent voters feeling the most strongly on the topic.

The survey revealed plenty of other tidbits about the debate.

The data shows those who voted for Mitt Romney (31 percent) were more likely to believe a hot dog was a sandwich than Barack Obama supporters (26 percent). It also shows white people (31 percent) lead the charge in pro-sandwich debate while Hispanic voters (16%) don’t follow the same mindset. You can see all the data on the question here.

There’s no definitive answer, but the survey is the first meaningful data we have on the debate. It’s clear a majority of voters don’t believe a hot dog is a sandwich. Personally, I believe it is – but it’s impossible to ignore the hard data. Good on Public Policy Polling for asking the tough questions.

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