If it’s up to Cheetos, Cheetos-flavored items are all you will be able to eat by 2027.

Cheetos isn’t just cornering the market of snack food, they’re cornering all the markets. Head to Burger King and you can get Cheetos Chicken Fries or Cheetos Macaroni and Cheese Bites. Head to Taco Bell and you’ll be able to munch on Cheetos Quesadillas. Your local bagel shop might just be a purveyor of Flamin’ Hot Cheeto bagels. Head to Chuck E. Cheese and you’ll be able to eat a Cheetos Mac-Cheesy pizza. If all else fails, just head to the restaurant dedicated to serving nothing but food dusted and topped with Cheetos.

That’s all well and good if you’re looking for a Cheetos fix and you’re in a restaurant. But what if you’re at the movie theater? How can you chow down on cheese-dusted chips then? Well, you’ll just have to head to a Regal Cinema theatre because starting December 15 they’ll be the offering Cheetos Popcorn.

This 32-ounce snack isn’t just popcorn covered in Cheetos dust. Well, it is that, but there’s also some Crunchy Cheetos mixed in the bag as well. The only downside might be what happens if you forget to take some napkins into the theater with you to wipe off your cheesy fingers afterward. Just don’t wipe them on the person sitting next to you. Not everyone likes to be caked in Cheetos dust.

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