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With the start of a new baseball season comes another year of baseball teams pushing the envelope when it comes to menu items at the ballpark. Today, we put our attention on the latest menu options available to baseball fans attending a Seattle Mariners home game this season. Those willing to dabble in a couple of regional delicacies may be tempted to try some fried oysters or fried grasshoppers instead of the traditional peanuts and hot dog.

That’s right, the Mariners are frying oysters and grasshoppers for fans this season to go alongside the hot dogs and burgers and other baseball foods you have come to expect at the concession stands. The fried grasshoppers are actually a topping option for tacos from one of the concession vendors. Although if you really wanted to sit back and toss back fried grasshoppers from your seat, I suppose you could.

“Centerplate and myself and the Mariners, we don’t want to just have traditional ballpark fare, we want to do some other stuff,” Seattle Chef Ethan Stowell said at a media taste-testing. “There’s definitely some things we do that we like to kind of experiment with.”

Oh, the Mariners are certainly experimenting here. At least one food critic in Seattle praised the roasted grasshopper taco topping.

“My favorite, just because it was so different, was the roasted grasshoppers from Poquitos,” Seattle Refined writer Frank Guanco said, referring to the Mexican food chain providing new menu items. “Bugs are different, but it’s kind of cool because it’s textural, it’s a different flavor and when you add it on top of a taco you have this really cool crunch to it too. It’s definitely super adventurous but stepping outside your comfort zone is always a good thing.”

If you do not have an appetite or a palette for fried grasshoppers or even fried oysters, never fear. Other new menu options at Safeco Field this season include pizza and burgers, in addition to the mainstays on the menu around the concourse. And you can always get a bag of peanuts from the vendor. You’ll be fine.


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