After somehow re-inventing the fast food wheel by debuting their Cheetos macaroni and cheese bites, Burger King is at it again. This time, they are transforming their chicken fries by covering them in Cheetos dust. Yes, Cheetos dust.

There are many things that are beautiful treasures in this life – the changing colors of the fall foliage, adorable puppies, a perfectly executed flea flicker, and licking that delicious orange powder off of your fingers after you eat a bag of Cheetos.

It only took us until 2016, but finally someone decided to take that delicious orange powder and cover french fry shaped chicken strips in them.  That someone is Burger King.  Here’s the announcement featuring the two #brand mascots:

You have to admire Burger King’s creativity, as insane as it is. I can’t remember the last time I actually ate at a Burger King, but now I might just be tempted to roll up to the drive-thru and check “Cheetos flavored fast food meal” off my own personal bucket list. Seriously, you should get some sort of trophy for ordering the Cheetos Chicken Fries and Mac N’ Cheetos, something to offset the inevitable artery blockage.

This is really the genius behind these Frankenstein-like food creations – they’re not really about excellent, nuanced taste, but about the viral marketing that comes along with them. How much further will the junk food + fast food marriage go? Considering that we already have tacos made of Doritos and chicken fries made with Cheetos, the possibilities are endless.  It can’t be too much longer before Burger King starts making Whoppers with buns made of reconstructed Cheetos and Subway starts using them as sub toppings.

So what’s next? Where is the limit? Once we start having Cheetos flavored Frostys at Wendy’s, then we’ll know we’ve gone too far.

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