In America, we usually look to Taco Bell or Carl’s Jr. for absurd fast food creations that may or may not be good ideas to begin with. In Japan, that honor falls to Lotteria, a fast food chain that usually serves up typical fare like burgers, fried chicken, and chicken fingers, but is also known to dabble in some very questionable cuisine as well. For example, Sora News says they once created a chicken sandwich with hot sauce so spicy you had to sign a consent form before eating it.

Per Sora News, their latest creation coincides with “Good Meat Day,” an unofficial holiday that falls on November 29 because 1-1-2-9 reads as “ii niku” in Japanese, literally meaning “good meat.” To keep things extra literal, they’re offering up the Hamidashi (“Sticking Out”) Double Steak Burger for a limited time around the celebration. Hamidashi translates to mean “jutting out” and that’s exactly what the two 3.5-ounce slabs of Angus beef steak are doing from within the buns. The steak is topped by Lotteria’s special soy sauce-based steak sauce, which also seems to include actual nuts if the promotional image is to be believed.

You can also get the steak burger with just one piece of steak inside, but is that really in your best interest while celebrating Good Meat Day? We think not. Save that version for a regular meat day.

If you really would rather go with the single steak burger, that’ll run you 1,200 yen ($11). The double costs 1,900 yen ($17).

If you happen to find yourself in Japan between November 24 and 29, you’re in luck. The burger will be available in between those dates and then it goes away until next Good Meat Day.

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