Before you start calling Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry by the nickname of Chef Curry, you may want to get a better understanding of what satisfies the NBA player’s appetite. When it comes to pizza, Curry has a low bar to clear.

The pizza-eating habits of Curry were revealed by his wife, Ayesha Curry, in a recent podcast with Eater, and Ayesha did not paint a flattering picture of her husband’s pizza preferences. Ayesha shared a quick story about how Steph Curry was disappointed when she returned from the grocery store without some Red Baron frozen pizza. The following quote was transcribed by SB Nation.

When we first started dating he was like, “Oh, you went to the grocery store and you didn’t get the Red Baron pizza?” And I’m like “No, I didn’t. I did not get the Red Baron pizza.” He was like a Red Baron pizza — anywhere pizza, pizza’s great, but not every day — he was a chicken tenders, ramen noodle guy. But not the good ramen. The one-minute joints.

So it seems Curry is easy to satisfy when it comes to ramen noodles too, but we’ll focus strictly on the pizza comment today.

Honestly, I have to defend Red Barron pizza. If I’m picking up some frozen pizza at the grocery store, Red Barron is my go-to option. So I’m not totally against Curry on this one. But let’s move on to another Curry pizza revelation, where we learn Curry enjoys movie theater pizza.

As the conversation continued, Ayesha Curry shared a story of how Steph Curry took the kids to the movies and bought some movie theater pizza to share with the kids.

Helen Rosner: Okay. What was his snack strategy?

Ayesha Curry: Exactly. Pizza, buttery popcorn, and candy.

HR: Wait, he got movie theater pizza? I’ve literally never known anybody ever to get the pizza at the movie theater.

AC: He did it. I told you, he loves pizza.

HR: It sounds like he loves terrible pizza. Which is its own beautiful form of pizza. But it’s a distinct entity.

AC: Well he gave it to the kids. Which is definitely why they were sitting nicely through the movie. And I think why, when they got home, they were bouncing off the wall.

Before passing judgment on Curry here, I need some more information.

What type of movie theater was it? Was it a standard theater or one of the theaters that specialize in bringing restaurant quality food to your seat during the movie? If the later, then I think we can give Curry the benefit of the doubt because odds are that is something more digestible than a frozen Ellio’s.

And for the record, having a child-like craving for some Ellio’s is perfectly fine too, if you like it.

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