When fast food restaurants test out potential menu items, they usually pick out a city in the Midwest or elsewhere in middle America. Columbus, Ohio is the lucky city to test out Taco Bell’s latest creation, the Mexican Crispy Chicken Pizza.

The mini-pizza is essentially made from a chicken patty crust and the ingredients you may find on a taco. It will have Mexican pizza sauce but then will have various cheeses, pico de gallo and crispy chicken.

Apparently, there have been tests for something similar in other places. KFC, who is owned by Yum! Brands and also own Taco Bell, has been testing something known as the Chizza in international markets. The Chizza is very similar to the Mexican Crispy Chicken Pizza and it wouldn’t be shocking if it’s the same thing.

I would imagine that not only will Yum! test it out to measure sales and/or the taste, they would also test it out in different locations with different names to see if one is more successful than the other. Maybe if KFC’s Chizza or Taco Bell’s Mexican Crispy Chicken Pizza tested better over the other, would determine where we see this in every market.

All in all, it looks like this would taste pretty good. If you are in the Columbus area, you can get one through May 10 and priced at $3.49 to $3.99 if you’re interested in just the pizza. Taco Bell is also testing out a combo with a drink and crunchy taco for $5.49.

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