Doritos Locos Tacos move over — Taco Bell has a new idea and it trumps you’re invention in a major way. That’s because word is out that the fast food joint is unveiling a cheese-stuffed creation involving the other favorite munchie…Cheetos.

According to a report, Taco Bell is set to unveil a Cheeto Burrito, which will include a mash-up of will seasoned meat, rice, cheese sauce, and we’re guessing the crunchy Cheetos. The Business Insider notes that all of that goodness will set folks back just a good old American dollar.

So, reach into those cushions in your car seats and inside the console because we’re guessing Taco Bell has your new addiction.

Unfortunately, those late-night Taco Bell runs after a night out with your bros at the bar and picking up this bad boy is going to have to wait at least a month.

@tacobell is gonna start testing this cheesy Cheetos Burrito next month! || #foodbeast #tacobell #cheetos

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Hey, don’t kill the messenger, just kill one of these in a month and let us know how much you love it.

For those who missed out on Canada getting in on the Cheeto revolution with the Crunchwrap Sliders filled with Cheetos, fear no more…because America is getting a bigger, badder and better version. Because ‘Merica.


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