Taco Bell has done a lot for society in 2017. Here’s a timeline of everything that has been brought to this world by Taco Bell in 2017:

February 14th – The ability to get married at a Taco Bell

February 23rd – Naked chicken Chalupas

March 29th – Kyle Hendricks got food poisoning at a Taco Bell

April 7th – Breakfast taco in a fried egg shell

April 19th – Mexican crispy chicken pizza

April 27th – Test kitchen reservations

July 19th – They started selling alcohol

July 25th – Taco Bell and Lyft teamed up to offer “Taco Mode”

Now we have arrived on August 10th when the Mexican fast food chained has unveiled the Firecracker Burrito. No, it does not contain actual firecrackers, (Editor’s Note: though that’s probably in the works) but it does come with a side of spicy pop rocks.

Around Memorial Day, Oreos set off their own firecrackers with the release of Fireworks Oreos. With the Oreos receiving plenty of positive Pop Rocks-related publicity, Taco Bell wasn’t far behind on that particular bandwagon.

The Firecracker Burrito comes stuffed with nacho cheese, beef, rice, and red tortilla strips. Then on the side customers will receive a packet of spicy Pop Rocks.

You can of course buy the burrito without the firecrackers if you’d like, but it doesn’t hurt to give the explosive hot burrito a try. Customers also have the option of getting a normal Firecracker Burrito or one with an extra kick that includes chipotle sauce.

Sadly the Firecracker Burritos aren’t available at all locations yet. As of now, they have been spotted at a couple Taco Bell locations including in Orange County, California, home of the Taco Bell test kitchen.

Taco Bell hasn’t announced the product yet. Instead, as with any great modern innovation, it was unveiled by a Reddit user.


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  1. Yesir! I posted an official review of the Firecracker Burritos earlier this week and throughly enjoyed checking out this “interesting” test market item! Hope it goes National at some point! Here’s the detailed breajdoen on what this one’s all about! https://youtu.be/2r2LVe7XV90

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