Taco Bell is back at the drawing board yet again.

Whether it’s Dorito taco shells or their addition of a taco/burrito-based breakfast menu, Taco Bell has pushed the limits of ridiculous fast food. Their latest announcement came with the reveal of fried chicken taco shells, which are set to be released in 2017. But they didn’t stop there, as news emerged from Taco Bell Reddit and reported by First We Feast, that the chain is testing out the idea of a new menu item dubbed Crispy Chicken Chips.

Fashioned in the mold of tortilla chips, this particular item is best described as literal chips of fried chicken made for the purpose of dipping into nacho cheese sauce. The item is still reportedly in the testing phase, and there is no official word on whether it will make its artery clogging debut into the public. It was also stated that the Crispy Chicken Chips and the fried chicken taco shells aren’t the only avenues of fried chicken being tested by the fast food chain.

“They are testing a lot of chicken things,” one Redditor with an iron stomach noted. “I’m hoping the chalupa with a shell of chicken takes off so I can try that.”

Thus far, Taco Bell has managed to retain plenty of popularity with cool ideas like the Doritos Locos Tacos, and even their breakfasts gained traction with the public. But is there a point of no return, where you’re just coming up with things for the novelty alone?

Regardless of whether these chicken chips make it through testing or not, fried chicken appears to be in Taco Bell’s near future, which makes sense considering their corporate relationship with KFC.  Should they continue on this route, though, only the most daring of stoners will be able to make it through the menu.

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