Taco Bell started serving alcohol two years ago, because the brand decided to fully embrace the only thing it’s good for: drunk food.

Select Taco Bell locations sell pretty much every kind of alcohol, from beer to wine to mixed drinks. It’s the perfect way to drink for cheap.

Other than the obvious financial opportunities from selling alcohol, we recently learned why Taco Bell decided to make the change: they knew everyone was already adding alcohol to drinks like its Mountain Dew Baja Blast anyway.

From Business Insider:

“People would come through on drive-thru and say, ‘could you please leave a little off the top,'” Taco Bell COO Mike Grams told Business Insider. “And we’d know exactly what they meant.”

So when Taco Bell leaders were spitballing about potential innovations prior to launching the chain’s sit down-centric Cantina brand in 2015 and someone mentioned serving booze, it just made sense.

Congratulations to a brand for knowing its place, and its audience.

We salute you, Taco Bell.

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