Weddings can be crazy expensive. The cost of booking a venue for a reception between the reception hall and food. To help out engaged couples on a tight budget, or just those with a serious craving, Taco Bell is offering wedding packages in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas seems like the absolute perfect place for Taco Bell to roll out this new effort. The “Taco Wedding Bells” program will launch at the flagship Taco Bell location in Vegas, which is already the capital to weddings on the go. The wedding packages begin this summer with a wedding chapel on the second floor for those wanting to tie the knot and chow down on a quesadilla afterward.

The Taco Bell wedding package costs $600 and includes a private reception for up to 15 friends and family members. It also includes custom “Just Married” t-shirts and a 12-pack of tacos and Cinnabon Delights cake. I’m sure it comes with your choice of hot sauce packets as well, but who can turn down a Just Married t-shirt from Taco Bell?

To launch the wedding effort, Taco Bell provided some newlyweds with a free wedding package through a Snapchat promotion.

And yes, you can fill up those champagne flutes with as much Mountain Dew Baja Blast as you desire. And it’s your wedding day, so who is to say no?


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