In the never-ending pursuit to find new and innovative ways to use foods in non-traditional ways in hopes of striking gold, Taco Bell is testing a new breakfast taco that uses a fried egg as the shell. Behold, the Naked Breakfast Taco!

If you want to sink your teeth into this new breakfast creation, you will want to make your way to Flint, Michigan this month. That is where Taco Bell will be testing the product at a cost of $1.99. Inside the fried egg shell will be your choice of bacon or crumbled sausage topped with potato bites, shredded cheddar and, of course, nacho cheese. This is Taco Bell, after all, and what is a taco without a dose of nacho cheese?

And do not worry about your fingers. If you do not wish to get your taco-holding appendages greasy from the fried egg, you can also get the entire breakfast taco wrapped in a more traditional flatbread wrapped around the fried egg. This is dubbed the Dressed Breakfast Taco.

Photo by Kate Taylor, Business Insider.

The foodies from Business Insider got a chance to take the breakfast taco for a spin, and the initial review seems to be fairly positive.

“When it comes to flavor, the Naked Breakfast Taco is on the right track.

“It’s hard to go wrong with fried eggs, potatoes, breakfast meats, and cheese (in both the shredded and melty nacho variety). The nacho cheese helps alleviate one of the problems with using the egg as a taco shell: it needs to be cooked too much to allow for a nice, drippy yolk. And, while the Gordita Flatbread is slightly too big for the task assigned to it, the dressed version is a more portable and carbo-loaded choice.”

How long it takes for Taco Bell to add this item to the menu nationwide remains to be seen and will likely be dependent on the reception it has in Michigan. Of course, if and when Taco Bell brings the Naked Breakfast Taco to a location near you, you may want to grab it while you can. Taco Bell has a knack for offering various items for a limited time, as we witnessed with the Naked Chicken Chalupa.

Not only do I want one now, I’m now wondering what the next naked food item Taco Bell will cook up. I am also wondering if Taco Bell has a weird food fetish since they are naming everything naked.

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