In July, Taco Bell and Lyft partnered up for what sounded like the perfect plan. Lyft passengers in Newport Beach were given the option to go into “Taco Mode” and add a Taco Bell “ride-thru” to their trip. A Taco Bell-themed Lyft car would then pick you up and take you to the local franchise for all your cheap Mexican food needs.

In theory, it sounds like a win-win for all parties involved. In practice, however, it has been a literal mess.

Per food delivery blog Food on Demand, Lyft drivers involved in the promotion have been taking to a driver message board called to complain about all of the trouble “Taco Mode” is causing them.

“If you willingly sign up for the beta of Taco Hell Mode you are asking for a cheesy, beefy, and greasy backseat. This is the stupidest partnership I can imagine,” wrote San Diego driver SurgeSurferSD.

“Lyft has lost their freakin’ minds,” wrote Raleigh, North Carolina, driver MRMikeNC.

“One hell of an investment. Vomit bags & plastic seat covers for all seats in vehicle,” wrote San Francisco driver Cynergie. “The drunk-circuit shift suddenly became a three-ring circus.”

Bad customer gripes aside, other drivers have noted that the promotion eats into their profits by making them unavailable for would-be passengers interested in going somewhere other than Taco Bell. Other drivers noted that it’s rather rare for passengers to ask for a ride to a drive-thru, so there’s not entirely sure where this demand is coming from.

“This is Uber-type behavior, and I don’t think even Uber does stuff like this anymore,” said one driver. “I wonder if it occurs to Taco Bell that drivers don’t like going through the drive-thru.”

The point is if you do decide to make a “run for the border” and order a “Taco Mode” Lyft, don’t be a jerk. And tip well. You can afford to given how cheap that meal probably is.

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