A Texas church’s attempt to discourage the consumption of craft beer backfired in a most spectacular fashion over the weekend thanks to some creative marketing by the folks at the Imperial Taproom.

Hope Baptist of Canyon, Texas, felt possessed to take out a sizable ad in the town’s local newspaper to deride its citizens from drinking craft beer, what the church believes is actually the “devil’s craft.” The ad is really something to behold. It even claims that all that wine drunk by Jesus and his friends in the bible was really just grape juice. Right.

Many would have just ignored the ad as usual, and that would have honestly probably been the optimal outcome for Hope Baptist, because what really happened was much worse for the prohibitionists. The Imperial Taproom, a craft beer bar and kitchen, saw the ad, but it also saw an opportunity.

The Taproom social media team wasted little time taking to various outlets to promote a devilish special offer: Bring in a “devil’s craft coupon” (a clipping  of the newspaper ad), and receive a dollar off your purchase for each clip.

As you can see by the comments in the picture above, the ad was quite a hit with the Taproom’s customer base.

So, yes, Hope Baptist, it seems that someone will indeed sell the youth of Canyon booze. (Granted that they are 21 and over, of course.)


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